Brands In Unilever’s Catalogue

Brands In Unilever's Catalog

Unilever is a name that we cannot help but mention when talking about the consumer goods industry. In the vast wealth of branded goods, Unilever is present 100% in every home in the world. In Vietnam, Unilever’s product portfolio so far has more than 26 branded brands. Almost every product created by Unilever has become a separate, thriving brand. Sometimes consumers don’t even realize it’s a Unilever brand because of the successful promotion of the product’s brand.

About Unilever Vietnam.

Unilever in the world is a multinational corporation, a combination of two Dutch companies Uni (Margarine Union) and Lever  (Lever Brothers). Unilever owns products that are extremely famous and familiar to consumers.

Unilever started its business in the Vietnamese market in 1995 with two state-of-the-art factories in Ho Chi Minh City and Bac Ninh. Through a network of more than 150 distributors including Horeco Consumer Goods Joint Stock Company and more than 300,000 retailers, Unilever Vietnam has brought its products to each consumer. It is estimated that every day, up to 35 million Unilever products are used and contribute significantly to improving the health and hygiene conditions for people, fulfilling the mission of creating a sustainable life for people.

Unilever Vietnam
Unilever Vietnam

In the precursor stage, Unilever Vietnam is an alliance of 3 completely independent companies: Lever Vietnam Joint Venture, Elida P/S and Best food.


Total investment

(Million USD)

Percentage of capital contributionPlace

Area of activity

Lever Vietnam Joint Venture (1995)5666.66%Hà Nội & TP.HCMPersonal and family care
Elida Joint Venture P/S17.5100%TP.HCMTeeth care
Unilever Bestfood VN37.1100%TP.HCMFood, Cream and Beverages

Unilever’s Products

As mentioned, Unilever has over 400 product brands and thousands of sub-SKUs distributed in 190 countries around the world. In Vietnam, Unilever’s product portfolio is also very diverse and rich, meeting almost all the needs in people’s lives. Up to now, Unilever Vietnam’s product portfolio has 26 branded brands, in which there are many Skus children inside, which are statistically classified into 4 main categories as follows:

1. List of home care products (Home care)

  • Brand CIF
  • Brand Omo
  • Brand Viso
  • Brand Sunlight (dishwash)
  • Brand Sunlight floor washing
  • Brand Surf
  • Brand Comfort
  • Brand Vim

2. List of personal care and hygiene products (Personal Care)

  • Brand AXE
  • Brand Closeup
  • Brand Lux
  • Brand Pond’s
  • Brand Sunsilk
  • Brand TRESemme’
  • Brand Clear
  • Brand Hazeline
  • Brand DOVE
  • Brand Lifebuoy
  • Brand Rexona
  • Brand Vaseline
  • Brand P/S

3. List of food and drink products (Food and Drink)

  • Brand Knorr
  • Brand Lipton tea
  • Brand Kem WALL’S
  • Brand Unilever Food Solutions

4. Product Category Water Purifier (Water Purifier)

  • Brand Unilever Pureit

Top of Unilever’s strong product categories

Although all brands in Unilever’s product portfolio have high customer reviews and good business. But in some strong product lines, wholesalers should pay more attention. These are the top products and brands that any wholesaler cannot ignore.

  • OMO: There’s no reason why a stain remover shouldn’t be in every home. It also means it is essential for distribution. Make sure this item is always in stock.
Omo detergent wholesale
Omo detergent wholesale
  • P/S toothpaste; Closeup: Occupying 2 big brands in the criteria of using toothpaste of the majority of Vietnamese people, Unilever Vietnam has been and is becoming a brand that is inseparable from human life day by day.
  • Clear Shampoo; Sunsilk; Dove; TRESemme’:  The set of products almost occupies the entire user’s need for hair care. Is a brand owned by the retail group Unilever, present in 69 countries worldwide?
  • Knorr: Knorr seasoning? Isn’t it a Knorr brand? To be precise, it is a powerful brand in Unilever’s portfolio. Statistics show that Knorr is consumed by 320 million people every day.
Bán sỉ hạt nêm Knorr

Horeco – Distributor of Unilever products

Horeco – The leading distributor of consumer goods in Vietnam, is a reputable, fast-growing distributor. Horeco Consumer Goods Joint Stock Company both distributes domestically produced Unilever products and distributes Unilever’s product portfolios imported from countries around the world.

With over 15 years of experience in import and export activities along with market capacity, Horeco has become a reliable and potential partner for low-end agents and distributors. Why has Horeco become a successful partner in the distribution of Unilever products?

  • Horeco distributes Unilever consumer goods, wholesales to agents at the best wholesale prices, balances its profits with its partners, and maintains a good cooperative relationship.
  • The list of Unilever products that Horeco distributes is absolutely committed to 100% genuine.
  • Attractive preferential policies show cooperation intentions.

Contact Info:

590-592 Lucasta Villa Area, Lien Phuong Street, Phu Huu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Phone: 093 877 73 97

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