Criteria for determining the products Unilever sells

Unilever wholesale products

1. Overview of Unilever’s products

No one is unfamiliar with the name Unilever with consumer products. At the level of popularity in the world, Unilever‘s products are still half a step behind its rival, P&G. In contrast, in the Vietnamese market, Unilever is slightly better than its racemate. For that reason, Vietnam has become a fertile market for the consumer goods industry.

Criteria for determining the products Unilever sells

Unilever Vietnam

Originally a collection of 3 separate companies at that time: Lever Vietnam Joint Venture, Elida P/S, and Best food. They have more than 400 brands, famous Unilever product lines such as: OMO, Surf, Lux, Dove, Knorr, Comfort, Vaseline, Hazeline, Ponds, P/S, Close Up, AXE, Rexona, Vim, Cif (Jif), Sunsilk, Sunlight,…With millions of dollars in revenue for the brand, Unilever has been proven to be successful in the consumer healthcare business.

2. Unilever’s Product Lines

Starting from the field of operation of 3 joint venture companies, Unilever’s products are also divided into 3 main categories: Hygiene and personal care products; Line of laundry products for clothes and home appliances; Food line for processing and eating. In addition, Unilever also has a new product line, the Unilever Pureit home water purifier. However, this product is not as popular as the above-mentioned consumer goods.

Personal Care   Home Care      FoodWater Pureit








Close Up












Unilever Food Solutions

Unilever Pureit
In each form of business, the owner should know well about Unilever’s products: types of goods, market segments, which products sell well, which products are of superior quality, which products are popular with consumers. favorite user, which product has a high usage rate…

Learn more about Unilever Vietnam products:

Line of hygiene and personal care products, including:

  • Shower gel, soap with familiar brands: Lux, Vaseline, Hazeline…
  • The group of hair and scalp care products includes: Dove, Sunsilk, Clear, TRESemme…
  • Familiar hand soap brand: Lifebuoy
  • Oral care products in the habits of Vietnamese people: Closeup, P/s
  • Brand of perfume and hair gel products for men: AXE
  • Favorite deodorant brand worldwide: Rexona.
  • A millennial women’s favorite skin care brand: Pond’s

Line of home care and clothing products:

  • Detergent, liquid detergent: The brands that dominate the majority of the market in Vietnam today: Omo, Viso. Surf
  • Conditioner: Comfort
  • Household cleaners: trusted brand of kitchen cleaners used for 15 years Vim; Cif, Sunlight washing dishes, Sunlight cleaning the floor.
Home Care Products
Home Care Products

Food line for processing and eating

  • Wall’s ice cream: An ice cream brand associated with childhood and youth. Never missing in the freezer of supermarkets and grocery stores.
  • Knorr: Knorr is one of the biggest and most loved brands in Unilever’s product lines in the Vietnam market.
  • Lipton: Lipton is loved by all ages and styles. With convenient features when stored in a bag and a reasonable price, Lipton has become a major beverage brand in Vietnam.
  • Unilever food solutions: This is a brand used for high-class cooking by professional chefs with high expertise.

3. Unilever products List

To find Unilever products, there are many results, but to compile a complete product list, you should find a professional distributor, working in an innovative style.

Danh sách sản phẩm Unilever
Unilever products List
Unilever products List

The product list will be of great help in selecting the items for your business. For consumables, the product does not have an official code like other items, making it difficult to manage and track the software. Especially for companies that export consumer goods, HS Code is essential for scoring with customers.

4. Top favorite products’s Unilever

Kantar Worldpane has revealed that Unilever is the company that owns the most and most frequently purchased brands on the list, based on an analysis of the shopping habits of 1 billion households and 300 billion shoppers in nearly 40 country in the world

In 2017, Unilever was the company that owned the most and most frequently purchased brands in the list of world famous FMCG brands. Until now, the quantity and quality of Unilever is still growing, although the market competition is also growing more and more.
Top Unilever’s most popular products that business people need to grasp to suit their form, region and market segment:
Top products that should always be available in stock:
  • Omo Detergent
  • Knorr Seasoning
  • Clear Shampoo

Top products that must always be stocked during epidemic seasons

  • Lifebuoy Soap
  • Toilet and bathroom cleaner VIM
Top products for stores specializing in cosmetics and personal care:
  • Pond’s Skin Cream
  • Vaseline Skin Cream
  • Rexona Odor Prevention
  • Dove shower gel.
Top products for grocery stores in densely populated areas:
  • Sunsilk Shampoo
  • Dishwashing liquid, floor cleaning Sunlight
  • Surf Detergent

5. Criteria to identify Unilever products for business

In the multitude of Unilever products that are loved and appreciated by consumers, it will be difficult for merchants to identify the right business item.
Horeco’s opinion is based on 15 years of operation experience, we would like to share some criteria that can be used as a basis to determine the most suitable business item for your purpose.

5.1 List of Unilever product categories and brands

You have many ways to achieve this criterion, in this article we have mentioned in sections 3 and 4.
You can also see more in our other articles. Or contact us directly for a free consultation from experienced sales staff.

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5.2 Quality of Unilever’s products

After grasping Unilever products, we once again need to find out the quality of each of those products or brands. Compare with similar products of other brands. Because product quality is also a determining factor in the percentage of people consuming your wholesale item.

13 Unilever brands in the top 50 FMCG brands most used by consumers in 2017: including Lifebuoy (3), Sunsilk (10), Knorr (11), Dove (12), Lux (13), Sunlight ( 14), Pepsodent (18), Surf (27), Rexona (28), Vim (29), Brooke Bond (34), Close Up (42) and Lipton (48)

5.3 Unilever’s suppliers

And of course, finding a Unilever supplier in your area is very important.
You must have in your hand a list of 3 to 5 suppliers of Unilever products. At the same time, it is necessary to identify the product with the advantage in price and quantity of each supplier.

5.4 Unilever products’s Price list

Once you have a supplier, that means you have a product list and a price list of Unilever products. Evaluate suppliers through product and price lists to know a professional and reputable supplier.

Unilever products's Price list
Unilever products’s Price list

5.5 Unilever’s New Product

Must know the frequency and time of new products of Unilever. To see the development of the brand, and at the same time orient the development of the business.
The peculiarity in the production of consumer goods is that the design and packaging are always innovated to attract consumers. Therefore, sellers must always update products that change frequently, have diverse models, and attract buyers’ tastes. Timely release inventory of discarded products, and change the packaging.

5.6 Similar products of competing brands

As mentioned above, one of the criteria that is also very important when choosing Unilever products is that traders must know the same products of other brands. To compete, the quality must be better and the price must be good. To sell in parallel, it is necessary to understand whether the user’s tastes in the region are diverse or not…
Currently, the strongest brands competing with Unilever Vietnam’s products are P&G, Acecook, and Masan Consumer,…

5.7 Unilever’s business strategy

A brand’s business strategy and goals influence consumer demand, contributing to influencing the wholesale sales of that brand and brand’s products.
Knowing the business strategy of Unilever, you will grasp the direction and the goods that you will sell well.
Criteria for determining the products Unilever sells

Unilever’s business strategy and goals:

  • Occupying about 50 – 60% market share in Vietnam.
  • The annual sales growth rate must reach about 20-25%.
  • Reaching most of the customers in the middle income group and making up the majority of Vietnamese society.
  • Adaptation and Vietnamization of company products.
  • Get high rating of company products compared to market class products

6. Unilever products’s Distributor – Criteria for determining the products Unilever sells

Horeco – The leading distributor of consumer goods in Vietnam and also a reputable distributor, growing in the long list of distributors and stores, resellers of Unilever products.

Horeco - Unilever Distributor
Horeco – Unilever Distributor
Criteria for determining the products Unilever sells:
Horeco Consumer Goods Co., Ltd. both distributes domestically produced Unilever products and distributes Unilever goods imported from countries around the world. With over 15 years of experience in import and export activities along with market capacity, Horeco has become a reliable and potential partner for agents and consumer goods companies.
Criteria for determining the products Unilever sells
Why has Horeco become a successful partner in the distribution of Unilever products?
  • Horeco distributes Unilever consumer goods, wholesales to agents at the best wholesale prices, balances its profits with its partners, and maintains a good cooperative relationship.
  • The list of Unilever goods that Horeco distributes is absolutely committed to 100% genuine.
  • Attractive preferential policies show cooperation intentions.

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