Downy Fabric Softener Distributor Wholesale Price

downy fabric softener distributor

Longtime Prestisgious Downy Fabric Softener Brand

Downy is the world’s most premium fabric softener brand originating from the P&G brand made in the US. P&G Group is a well-known global consumer goods company. In 1995, P&G Corporation entered the Vietnamese market. Nearly 30 years in business. Downy  has been loved and trusted by many customers in Vietnam. From the very beginning, P&G Group has built a reasonable price of Downy fabric softener for consumers. Highlights of the scent collection include: mystery, passion, lavender, sweet flower, fresh flower. These products are part of the Downy fragrance collection.  Scent is stored inside the garment. Your clothes are always fresh and attractive. We are introducing Downy Fabric Softener Distributor Wholesale Price.

Design and ingredients of Downy fabric softener.

Downy fabric softener Design.

The design and ingredients of Downy fabric softener have carefully focused not only on the product but also on its brand. Therefore, creating a difference and attracting customers at first sight. The design of Downy fabric softener is beautiful, delicate, and luxurious. Depending on each product line, Downy has created images with different layouts, and colors and created unique features. Downy softener comes in pouches, bottles and comes in a variety of sizes. Therefore, users will be convenient in choosing products that suit their preferences.

Downy Mystique
Downy Mystique

Downy fabric softener ingredients.

Downy fabric softener is produced from natural ingredients that are herbal essences, from roses combined with other ingredients. Downy fabric softener has the best effect with scent, softness. The ingredients inside Downy’s products are also well-researched. Ensure that it is absolutely safe for the user’s skin. Whether you have sensitive skin or thin skin, you can rest assured. Combined with the mechanism of deep penetration through the fabric layers, it only takes about 15 minutes for the fragrance to adhere to the inside of the garment. From there, the clothes will smell good all day long.

Downy Collection Perfume Fragrance

Downy Mystique

Downy Mystique Fabic softener with a gentle fragrance will help remove body odors and retain the fragrance on fabrics, making you more comfortable every time you appear. Downy Mystique with a gentle fragrance will help eliminate body odors. Products to help women relax and be happier.

Downy Mystique wholesale
Downy Mystique wholesale

Downy Lavender

Downy Lavender Fabric Softener in France possesses natural fragrance particles that remain on the fabric even after drying, and give off a fresh scent that lasts all day. Downy French Lavender gives long-lasting freshness after a long day of relaxation. Help you enter the new day filled with lavender. .. with a soothing, relaxing scent! The product contains 100% French lavender essential oil.

Downy Lavender
downy lavender

Downy Fresh Flower Fabric Conditioner

Downy Fresh Flower Fabric Conditioner with a concentrated formula that delivers ultra-soft fabrics and fragrant flowers, leaving you lingering in the scent. Downy fabric softener has a sweet floral scent with a concentrated formula to help clothes not dry out. The product brings extremely soft fabrics and fragrant flowers, leaving clothes always fragrant, giving you a pleasant and comfortable feeling all day long.

Downy Darling Fabric Conditioner

Downy Darling Fabric Conditioner contains millions of micro-perfume particles that blend together. Downy Charming with natural ingredients helps keep baby’s clothes soft. Downy’s new fragrance technology helps clothes have a noble fragrance that lasts all day.

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Downy Distributor

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Downy List Price
Downy List Price

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